Each student will submit a 2-3 page reflection to the DHC elaborating on your experience as an honors student and how your experiential learning, capstone research, and other honors courses/experiences have contributed to meaning-making during your time at the Davidson Honors College. The reflection is due at the end of your final semester.

This reflection should include a thoughtful examination of how you have met the DHC's learning objectives through your time in the honors college.

Davidson Honors College Learning Objectives:

  • Think critically. Identify, evaluate, and integrate available information and arguments; develop logical and reasonable positions across a wide range of issues.
  • Communicate. Express ideas and arguments through oral and written strategies; develop strong listening skills.
  • Collaborate. Contribute to, and lead if necessary, a diverse team in pursuit of a shared goal.
  • Solve problems. Employ rigorous quantitative and/or qualitative analysis to identify informed solutions to complex challenges.
  • Design and execute an original project. From initiation to manifestation and public presentation.
  • Act ethically. Make decisions based on the University of Montana’s four guiding principles: innovation and creativity, openness, partnership, and impact.
  • Engage as a citizen. Strengthen commitment to meaningful service and community.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.